Silent Reaper

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 Silent Reaper 
Production Information
Manufacturer: Arakyd Industries
Model: Stalker-class Light Interceptor
Class: Light Courier
Cost: 175,000 credits
Technical Information
Length: 17.5 meters
Width: 13.6 meters (wingspan)
Height: 6.7 meters
Sublight: 115 Megalights
Atmospheric Speed: 1100kp/h
Hyperdrive Rating:
  • Class 1 Incom GBp-629 hyperdrive
  • Backup Class 12
Shielding: Novaldex deflector shield generators (2)
Hull: Duranium-Kathor composite
  • Arakyd Plasburst laser cannons (2)
  • Ion cannons (2)
  • Concealed BlasTech Ax-108 "Ground Buzzer" surface-defense blaster cannon
  • Aft Torpedo Launcher
  • 4 Torpedo Magazine
Crew Compliment: 1
Passengers: 1
Cargo Capacity: 4 metric tons
Consumables: 6 weeks
Auxiliary Systems:
  • Arakyd LBE flight control computer (limiters removed)
  • Slave circuit
  • Extensive security systems
Auxiliary Craft: N/A
Usage Information
  • Starfighter
  • Courier
  • Low Grade Transport
  • Rebellion Era/Dark Times
  • New Republic Era
Commissioned: Before 5BBY
Affiliation(s): Independent Service Vessel
Owner(s): Argen Devalie

The ISV Silent Reaper was a small Arakyd Stalker-class light interceptor that belonged to the Zabrak pilot Argen Devalie during the times leading up to the battle of Yavin. A courier in the vein of most Arakyd couriers it was small, fast, and heavily armed for its size. With four Arakyd H-L Block ion drives arranged in pairs along the port and starboard side of the hull the ship had an top speed in line with most interceptor starfighters. Likened to a 'hotrod in space' the ships compact but powerful reactor pumped out enough power to fuel all four of the ships engines, and its relatively heavy armament. Because of the ships high speeds and maneuverability the structure could withstand high tolerances of stress. This allowed Strikes to also operate under multiple atmospheres of pressure, including high gravity worlds like gas giants and under water.


General Description

The Reaper, like all Stalker's, was built for speed and agility over creature comforts. Designed to achieve breakneck sublight speeds, and maneuverability the ship was more engines than courier. The interior was sparse, consisting of a single bunk, food storage and prep, two small stowage spaces, a lounging chair, and a Views Screen/HoloNet terminal. As the person being transported was more often than not being the individual using the bunk the Reaper, like many Stalkers, featured a very comfortable pilots chair that could double as a reclining lounger if necessary.


A slightly modified Stalker the Silent Reaper was acquired by Argen from a Aqualish pilot who had the misfortune of challenging the Zabrak into a few to many rounds of pazaak and not having the funds to pay out his debt. Rather than having to deal with the local Hutts who looked none-to-kindly on people who didn't pay what they owed the Aqualish handed over the deed to his freighter, preferring to start a new life than risking the one he had.

Going from hot-rodding swoop rider to owning a ship Argen immediately applied for a license to pilot the craft. Passing the classes and registering with BoSS, Argen, by this point 20 finally left Nar Shadda to make his own, overly insignificant, mark on the Galaxy. For 4 years (5 BBY) Argen operated in the Mid and Outer Rim as a light courier and light transport. Though not a smuggler in his own right Argen was none to peculiar about who he transported or what he transported so long as he didn't run the heavy risk of getting arrested he'd take the job, if the pay was good.


The Reaper's deckplan The Silent Reaper was not a heavily modified craft, no true visual markers were on the craft to denote any such mods regardless, despite the ships custom 'racing stripes'. The modifications that did exist were mostly pre-existing prior to the ship coming into Argen's ownership. These modifications included Ion maneuvering jets to increase the ships turning speed and maneuvering potential and a 1x1x2 meter cargo compartment hidden under the floor accessible by only from a hidden hatch inside the ships airlockdefine.

Modifications that Argen himself placed on the ship were much simpler, a targeting computer to help with the ships weapons, and a software conversion on the ships flight control computer that removed the ships limiters and allowed it to preform maneuvers at speeds that would normally be risky to the pilot and passenger. To help with the stress Argen also reinforced the structural integrity of the ship by installing additional field generators, and inertial dampeners. These modifications were completed just prior to his official starting of his courier company. He also updated the flight and sensor systems to be complimented with a Monocle mounted Heads-up display. The HUD would display various sensor data directly to Argen such as locations of other ships within his field of vision even if a bulkhead obscured his natural sight.

One of the most useful modification to the ship was likely its slave circuit. The slave circuit was attached directly to the ships flight computer and tied to an MB5 Individual HoloNet/Terminaldefine that Argen always kept attached to his left arm guard. Not only did it allow Argen to activate the ships systems from a fair distance (having an average model he could activate the ship from anywhere on an average sized planet) but could also have the ship fly to him, and with the ships targeting computer it could even fight on its own, to a small degree. By keeping the beckon call on him at all times and preferring to land his ship himself (and the regular changing of the Slave Circuit Code) Argen limited the chances of the ship being stolen. And should it be stolen, the ship was always a button press away.

A number of security measures were installed in the ship by Argen to protect it from the chances of theft. As the ship was his livelihood the loss of it would very much mean the loss of his life. Many of the deterrences were simple in nature, security lockouts, firewalls and anti slicing barriers including attackdefine, and maze barriersdefine designed to confuse and or destroy offensive software. Another simple program is a disconnect servo on access ports to the ships airlock. If a datapad or other device is hooked to the access port and a malicious program is detected the port will automatically disconnect itself from the rest of the system via a detaching servo, and the port will power down. Other systems included a feedback system that caused electricity to feedback into a system an individual attempted to rewire. This would short out the system in question but it would also produce such a high voltage shock that the would be slicer could be incapacitated or even killed.

Other anti-theft functions on the Reaper could be activated from Argen's wrist terminal. These functions included a complete system shutdown which deactivated all electronic systems in the ship and the ships power cells until a restart code from the wrist terminal was received. If an individual managed to bypass the outer defenses, namely the groundbuzzer blaster and the anti-slicer systems Argen could lock the airlock with the individual in question inside, holding them till the authorities could arrive or on some more backwater planets, simply remove all the air and let them die of oxygen deprivation. He could also lock them out of the cockpit and into the small chamber the Airlock exits into. In addition to this he could trigger the beckon call system to bring the ship to him so he could deal with the would be thief himself.


Concealed Compartment - A climate controlled 1x1x2 meter (3.2x3.2x6.3 feet) compartment located under the habitable section of the ship. Accessible by a concealed pressure airlock hidden inside the main airlock. Access to the compartment can only be activated from the cockpit, which is password protected, and the MB5 Individual HoloNet/Terminal on Argen's person, which is also password protected.
MB5 Individual HoloNet/Terminal - A complex wrist gauntlet that contains a datapad with full HoloNet capabilities as well as communication equipment and holo-projector. Widely considered a rich kids toy it is particularly useful for traveling business moguls and individuals like Argen who need to constantly be updated on their Credit accounts, shipping schedules, hyperlane traffic, and other important details. It has also seen usage in darker corners as an excellent slicing platform. In some circles it is considered to be the closest one can come to being a cyborg without actually being one.
Attack Barrier - Electronic defense program that launches malicious software against the invading software, essentially slicing the slicer. This system of defense can be particularly dangerous against people with cybernetics such as the Borg Construct Aj^6 and Datagoggles due to the feedback. In the case of a cyborg directly attempting to slice into the system the attack barrier could cause severe physical harm or even death.
Maze Barrier - An electronic barrier that creates a serious of randomized variables and operation scenarios that an aggressive program must weed its way through in order to bypass. These barriers generally drain a slicer or slicing program of processing power and time allowing other simpler anti-slicing/theft programs to kick in.